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Do you need to find new associates, recruit new employees and welcome new talent? Caen Normandie Développement can help you in your human resources management.

Preparing a recruitment campaign

La Maison de l’Emploi et de la Formation de l’Agglomération Caennaise (Caen conurbation employment and training centre) offers a range of concerted services:

  • definition of your needs and implementation of the recruitment procedure
  • establishment of contact with the area’s employment organisations
  • implementation of your new employee integration process

Managing human resources

Your company employs a workforce of under 300 salaried employees:

  • you are looking to recruit but your own resources are insufficient to launch the recruitment process
  • you are looking for further information on the available levers to help you cope with variations in your activity
  • you are in need of solid answers to help you manage your human resources and offer appropriate responses to your employees’ concerns…

The VSE-SME ‘Human resources consultancy’ platform offers you personalised coaching and support adapted to suit your human resources management needs and by an acknowledged service provider.

Publish a job vacancy

For those of you who have a job vacancy, a block-release employment or a training period on offer…

Caen Normandie Emploi offers you the possibility to publish and disseminate your offer in just a few clicks, via a free online form.


Bringing a colleague to the area

You have a project to set up, move, recruit and your future employees need to move home to join your company. We can guide you towards the best way to introduce them to all the advantages the area has to offer, to convince them to choose Caen Normandie and to facilitate their integration.

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