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Facilitating commuting

One of your existing or future employees is encountering difficulties in travelling to and from work.
Caen la Mer’s mobility platform offers advice and services for increased independence so that mobility is no longer constitutes a hurdle for access to or maintenance within a job position:

  • Advice (public transport, car pooling, etc.)
  • Training (finding your way, moving around, stress management, etc.)
  • Access to a vehicle (car hire, scooter hire, associative driving schools, etc.)
  • Quest for financial assistance (application preparation, micro loan, etc.)

The Caen la Mer Mobility platform can be called upon via an employment representative or a company.
Contact and further information on the Caen la Mer Mobility website.

Mobility plan

Caen la Mer offers businesses and administrative bodies free access to advice from a mobility consultant for the design and monitoring of a mobility plan:

  • Computerised simulation of commuting time
  • Information on the closest public transport lines and stops, for employees
  • Advice on developing car sharing, walking, cycling, teleworking, etc.
  • Rationalised management of service vehicle fleets, etc.

Employees working in companies engaged in a Mobility Plan benefit from reduced rates for purchasing public transport passes, as well as transport bonuses (50% company funding towards the cost of public transport and public service cycle hire used by employees).

Resulting in: a decreased risk of accidents, reduced environmental impact, lower transport costs, etc.