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Reinventing Caen Normandie

Vast urban projects are underway involving major infrastructures and developments sure to reinforce the economic competitiveness, the attractiveness and the influence of Caen Normandie.

A policy to support business creation and trade, an innovative tourism and territorial marketing strategy, care in developing urban projects, rigorous requirements in architectural choices, investment towards the development of public areas, mobility, accessibility: Caen Normandie constantly asserts its will to develop and welcome.

Caen Presqu’île, 300 ha between land and sea

The ‘Grande Mosaïque’ Guide Plan developed by Winy Maas’ MVRDV architectural agency presents the project for Caen’s Presqu’île: to develop, on the waterfront and in the vicinity of the railway station, the heart of the Caen metropolis, to welcome both families and activities (7,000 homes and 50,000m2 of economic activity).

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The North Plateau, a Super Campus for innovation

The Global Development Project for Caen’s North Plateau has been devised by a pluridisciplinary team of experts and coordinated by the Devillers & Associés consultancy. The aim is to reorganise the North Plateau (2,000 ha, 16,000 jobs, 1,200 researchers, 14,000 students) in order to valorise its remarkable scientific potential and to create an environment designed to stimulate innovation and economic development.


  • 1,000 homes, 30,000m2 of professional activities
  • The SuperCampus:
    • Innovation Centre: incubator, enterprise zone and business development centre, hosting facilities for visiting international researchers, sites and structures for hospitality and conviviality.
    • Learning Hall: Think tank designed for teachers/trainers and students/pupils to help develop new teaching/learning methods and to reflect on tomorrow’s professions.
  • The Business Arch
  • Offices and premises for technological activities for all companies, from incubator to major groups
  • Areas specifically devoted to businesses in the field of healthcare

MoHo: European Collider

This 7,500m2 site in the city centre will sustainably and continuously reunite populations from the world over: students, researchers, startupers, employees from SMEs/mid-market companies/large groups and citizens. Their shared aim: to work and live together, to invent the world of the future. Further information on the MoHo.


The Grande Halle: a circular social third place

The Grande Halle project is the encounter between a heritage building, the former SMN electrical workshop, and a process – that of Third Places, sites aimed at working, creating, producing in an open, pluridisciplinary and collaborative manner.

The Grande Halle belongs to the semi-public company Normandie Aménagement, which has been studying how to breathe new life into this symbolic site since 2013. The company is working on the site’s reconversion with architects from Construire and Encore Heureux.


The site’s architectural organisation:


  • The grand nave of a surface area of 1,100m2 will host a range of different events (exhibitions, meals, workshops, etc.)
  • The small nave will be split into 3 levels (for a total of 2,200m2): on the ground floor – a bar/restaurant and 3 shared workshops, on level 1 – shared office space and, on level 2 – halls designed for rehearsal and artistic creation.
  • Outside areas (3.5 hectares) will offer a range of possibilities: walks, picnics, festive events, etc.

All useful information is available on the  WIP website.

A high-performance tramway

To serve the Presqu’île, to extend the network and to transform the existing GLT line into a standard tracked tramway. The project:

  • service to 74,000 inhabitants, 47,000 jobs and 27,000 school pupils and students
  • Tram every 10 minutes on each branch, i.e. 3 minutes 20 seconds on the shared portion
  • Infrastructure covering 16,8km across 37 stations
  • Citadis tramcars manufactured by Alstom
  • twenty-three 34-metre tramcars, 210 seats (compared to the previous 128)
  • operation budget: €346.8M (2014 figure)
  • service launch scheduled September 2019

Place de la République

To create a walking area and a site devoted to retail outlets, gastronomy and local economy aimed at reinforcing attractiveness and the commercial offer in the city centre.

  • Architects: Jean-Paul Viguier & associates and Bienvenu Architects,
  • Promoters:  SEDELKA – EUROPROM – JEL Diffusion


The project:

  • two independent areas, the Forum and the Triangle, linked on the upper level
  • a food Hall (1,400m2 on the ground level) devoted to gastronomy and country fare, and coworking areas on the upper floors
  • coworking areas (2,000m2)
  • retail outlets (10,300m2), mid and large-sized stores such as sports stores, fashion, beauty, accessories, homeware.
  • on the roof terraces: restaurant, relaxation and well-being areas
  • creation of an underground car park with 450 spaces

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