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Setting upand setting off in Caen Normandie

Choosing Caen Normandie means deciding to take on tomorrow's challenges within a diversified, rich and experienced economic fabric, offering a wealth of skills and know-how.

Caen Normandie is a territory offering a large choice of land and property opportunities for businesses, both for their main activity and professional events. Land policy, business centres and incubators specialising in the social economy, digital technologies or health, the Caen la mer urban community strives to develop and maintain business parks that take care to offer quality and comfort to those who work there on a daily basis.



Coworking, teleworking, incubators, business centres
FabLab, LivingLab, UserLabs
Science parks, port facilities
Conference centres, meeting rooms, auditorium
Economic destination

A favourable economic fabric

  • solid industrial roots, in particular in the automotive industry, pharmaceutics, electronics and semiconductors, distribution, etc.
  • an economic fabric comprised of a blend of startups, SMEs, industrial sites, facilities and technologies, and companies that are leaders in their field
  • a wide range of cooperative opportunities to develop new products, new services, new markets


A dynamic and people-oriented territory

  • 8th ranking French urban community / 15
  • at the heart of an urban area that is home to 400,000 inhabitants (¼ of whom are aged under 25) and 170,000 jobs (app. 17% in executive positions)
  • with over 1 in 2 jobs in service provision (trade, public administration, teaching, human health, healthcare and social accommodation)
  • that welcomes over 30,000 students every year
  • which, with some 2,200 researchers, is a hub of innovation and research
  • where workforces and vacancies are on the increase
  • where 70% of business leaders are optimistic

Qualified services

  • From major public authorities, including the headquarters of the Normandy Regional Council (housed within the Ladies’ Abbey), the CHU university hospital, Caen University, the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research)
  • Over 1,000 associations (i.e. over 5,000 full-time equivalent/6,000 jobs) in the arts, performing arts, sport and recreational activities
  • A vast choice of stores, restaurants and hotels
  • Services for businesses (consultancy, engineering, management, accounting, advertising, marketing) characterised by high added value
  • National-level banking establishments (Natixis, ELITT, etc.)
  • And head offices: Legallais, Agrial, Crédit Agricole, Hamelin, Groupe Batteur, Keolis, Carrefour, Groupe Malherbe, etc.

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