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A marketto conquer

Logistics in Normandy represents 2,280 establishments, 55,500 salaried workers and €3,200bn in generated wealth. To develop your activity, Caen Normandie offers a choice of locations with high added value for logistics, together with qualified partners and an appropriate service offer.

Four good reasons for setting up and developing your logistics activity in Caen Normandie:

  • a qualified ecosystem thanks to first-rate experience, in particular in the automotive industry, pharmacy, agrifood and distribution
  • a service offer that covers the entire logistics sector: transport, warehousing, packaging, handling/stevedoring but also activities associated with flow management, scheduling, control and coordination … or with e-commerce
  • a strategic location: HAROPA hinterland, in the vicinity of major consumer areas (Paris, London, Brussels, etc.) and an opportunity for easy distribution throughout Western Europe
  • an adapted land and property offer

Supply and be supplied

In Caen Normandie, you benefit from a location and infrastructures that are propitious to developing trade links: 

  • a geometric centre of industrial, distribution and maritime logistics flow for France’s great north-west
  • direct proximity with production and consumer markets (Paris, London, Brussels, etc.): a catchment area of 25 million consumers
  • motorway access: A13 (Nord-Ile-de-France), A84 (north-south Europe) and A88 (Calais-Bayonne link)
  • Caen-Ouistreham commercial port (10th ranking French port / 4 million tonnes of goods):
  • freight: 3 daily links to England (Caen-Ouistreham/Portsmouth) with Brittany Ferries
  • bulk: cereals, fertilizers, scrap iron, exotic and Nordic woods, coal, salt, animal foods, etc.

Find the right partners: a logistics service offer

Associated with national leaders (Malherbe, Stef, Chatel, Nichirei, etc.) established within the territory, in Caen Normandie you will also find a fabric composed essentially of highly reactive and flexible VSE-SMEs providing all the necessary services for keeping control of the logistics chain from production to the challenges of e-commerce, via distribution platforms.


Whilst our excellence in the agrifood industry naturally relies on Caen Normandie’s high-performance logistics for fresh and ultra-fresh goods (Agrial, Frial), the offer also extends to other, equally demanding industry sectors: automobile industry (PSA, Renault Trucks ), electronics (Robert Bosch), pharmacy/medicine (Groupe Batteur, Lisi Médical), distribution (Carrefour Supply Chain, Système U Nord-Ouest, Décathlon-Oxylane, etc.), stationery (Hamelin), e-commerce (Legallais, Supplyweb) etc.


Normandy boasts a complete education and training offer in the field of logistics, from level V to Master’s Degree (foundation and continuing education).

  • from a CAP (Professional Aptitude Certificate) in warehousing and express transport to a higher diploma in logistic methods and exploitation (TSMEL), via a BEP (professional diploma) in logistics and marketing, or a professional Baccalauréat in logistics
  • certified training centres offer CARES truck operator training
  • continuing education in exploitation techniques, purchasing, computerised stock management, maintenance, management… Higher education: Bachelor’s Degree in ‘International logistics service planning’ at the EMN (Normandy Business School) and Master’s Degree in industrial management techniques at the IAE (University Business Administration Institute)
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