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Experimenta land of Healthcare

Caen Normandie has asserted its position as a land of healthcare, both thanks to its excellence in associated research and major innovations developed by its companies. This position was endorsed in 2016 with the 'HealthTech themed network' certification.

Major investments such as ARCHADE or the reconstruction of the CHU university hospital, along with ambitious projects such as Normandie Innovation Santé have collectively boosted Caen Normandie’s attractiveness in terms of healthcare. The particularity of Caen la Mer’s fields of excellence in health lies in the presence of an entire value chain, from research, via subcontracting and distribution, to the final client. Similarly, accommodation, funding and specific support for the sector is abundant.

This presence of all the necessary stakeholders within a relatively limited geographical area is what attracts more and more businesses to the territory. Caen Normandie Développement relies on a network of specialised and competent professionals to offer the best coaching and support to business in 3 specific fields of excellence: e-health, nuclear medicine and medical devices.

The TES (e-Secure Transactions) competitiveness cluster’s e-health department contributes towards the development of major innovations on the following themes: assistance to enable the elderly to stay at home, contributions towards well-being and performance monitoring, telemedicine innovations and building the hospitals and retirement/nursing homes of tomorrow.

Further information is available at the TES Competitiveness Cluster website www.pole-tes.fr

The HealthTech themed network offers support to startups in accessing their markets and in raising funds. Thanks to a comprehensive value chain, the medical device sector is continuing its growth and its presence in major international events.

Nucleopolis is a cluster reuniting all stakeholders in the nuclear medicine value chain, from research to the marketing of equipment and radiopharmaceuticals, via preclinical and clinical trials.

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