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A renownedinternational destination

Whereas Normandy is renowned for the Mont Saint-Michel, the D-Day Landing Beaches, Deauville and its famous boardwalk, the Old Harbour in Honfleur... Caen Normandie also boasts a number of legitimate tourist attractions: history, heritage, gastronomy, nature, the sea, culture, the arts, sport, etc.

The Caen la Mer urban community has adopted a new roadmap to develop this economic potential and to affirm its role as a remarkable destination that can be appreciated all year long.

By combining its advantages for both business and tourism, its capacity to innovate and its economic willpower, Caen Normandie has proven its worth as a choice destination for establishing and developing tourism-related economic activities: accommodation, catering, services, etc. A city centre store, a youth hostel on the Presqu’île, a cruise terminal opposite the Ladies’ Abbey, a seafront hotel, a business centre in a historic building… a leisure facility on the North Plateau… Town, country, coast… so many unique and remarkable sites await your projects. What is your project?

Excellent visitor potential

Every year, 350,000 visitors head for the Mémorial visitor centre for peace in Caen, 225,000 have fun at the Festyland amusement park, Normandy’s largest, 45,000 attend the Beauregard music festival, etc.

Our will: to extend the length of stays, to become an essential stopover for British visitors travelling via Ouistreham Riva-Bella (around 80% of ferry passengers are British), to attract visitors from the nearby Ile de France region… all by developing the territory’s reputation and by offering a vast range of activities and services.

Initial action:

  • Advice to visitors, prospection among Tour Operators: A tourist office and unique conference venues for the entire territory
  • Cruises: refurbished quayside at the Nouveau Bassin Caen Presqu’île, the ‘Caen-Ouistreham Normandy Cruise’ club, active in attracting cruise liners (up to 400 passengers) which will be able to berth in the heart of the city
  • Walking, shopping: thanks to the redevelopment of Caen’s city centre, a brand new itinerary will await visitors and shoppers as from 2020, from the racecourse to the Ducal Castle, via the requalification of the Bellivet islet and the creation of a gourmet and retail shopping centre designed by the architect Jean-Paul Viguier
  • In 2019, Brittany Ferries will be bringing a brand new ferry into service, offering a capacity of 1,680 passengers for the Caen-Ouistreham to Portsmouth link.

Normandy, a tourist destination

With some 48.5 million bednights per year, Normandy is undoubtedly a renowned tourist destination, for both domestic and foreign visitors (25% of the total) and, in particular, for short stays (65% of all stays < 4 nights). Tourism accounts for 5.7% of Normandy’s GDP. The area that comprises Caen Normandie is in prime position for:

  • the tourist, to organise a stay by associating all the advantages of a conurbation and the benefits of Normandy’s many amenities
  • the professional, to benefit from a vast customer catchment area for both services and products, applicable either to all tourism professionals throughout Normandy or to the many visitors to the region.
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