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Normandie Innovation Santé means transforming the challenge of rebuilding (CHU university hospital) into a source of innovation, in terms of territorial development, innovative service provision and business creation, with an impact on education and training, research and clinical pathways in order to guarantee equal access to quality healthcare for all, starting with the most vulnerable, and throughout their lives.


A federation of over thirty partners are ready to experiment a new territorial healthcare policy. To achieve this aim, innovative methods (co-creation, living labs) place the user at the heart of territorial transformation and pave the way towards behavioural change among all the stakeholders involved in the healthcare value chain, which is a major societal challenge for France and also for Europe.


The project’s partners have already worked in concert to put forward a series of novel actions. They have successfully structured their approach around new and major investments, such as the reconstruction of the Caen University Hospital (CHU) and new projects that will act as complementary levers throughout the entire ecosystem, in particular in terms of attractiveness, employment and new services, but also in terms of social cohesion.


Ten years from now, we hope to see our territory in a leading position in France in the field of e-health to serve patient pathways, but also in an aim to solve the problem of medical desertification, outpatient care, healthcare economics, telemedicine and the development of prevention.


For further information on the Normandie Innovation Santé project: Laure Lehaut, Project coordinator – Caen la Mer Healthcare sector

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